Creating the Shower Diary

Some time in 2009 I thought it might be a good idea to write down some of my ideas – albeit sometimes crazy ideas – and random thoughts – normally sparked by a hot shower, early in the morning – in a journal.  So I started with these random notes, but since I don’t care to hand write notes (if you saw my handwriting you’d understand – especially when I can’t read them myself) it became a challenge to keep it going.  It didn’t help that I would start my notes in one journal and then use it for something else and then wonder where I put my entry.  I did get a little better and start putting them in one place, and then in a folder… but in this day and age of so many technological options (and I far prefer to type than write) I decided to make a blog of it. It makes it nice that I can access it when ever and where ever I have a connection.  Someday I’ll invest in a water proof notebook or tablet so I can type right when I’m in the shower… but for now… here we are.  Now, remember, these ideas were mostly generated pre-wakeup.  What may have sounded sane at 6:00am, may sound completely convoluted by 9:00am, or six months later when I ask… what was I thinking?  Enjoy!


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