Goodwill should upgrade

While the Goodwill stores offer a great service to both those parting with their items and those looking for good deals on previously owed items, I feel you can be doing so much more with their stores. They can offer more career opportunities while bringing the stores into the New Century. With the advent of the Internet and such services like eBay, Yahoo Shopping, Craigslist, and Google Shopping they are missing out on some great opportunities to not only sell more stuff, but also train volunteers, those needing employment, or employees skills needed for the times.

When items come in, don’t just put a price tag on the item, but instead log it into a system, take a photo, and offer it online. Maybe you don’t do this with all the items that come in, but certainly it’s easy enough to post books, CD’s and other items that are easy to ship. Do they have an inventory of items that just doesn’t seem to move? Well post it auction style (like eBay). Maybe they have a hot item – post it auction style.

Did you know that Google is coming out with a new recognition app? They are taking pictures of stuff and that picture is matched to other items already on line so it can then tell you what that stuff is? Maybe someone passed away or otherwise wants to dispose of a household of goods and they’re donating all of it to Goodwill. Maybe some of that stuff is worth something, maybe not. Take the photo, run it through their system, and see what comes up. Granted – this is in the future, but think into the future.

While the brick and mortar is good, having an online way to shop at Goodwill will take the store to the next level. It will help your volunteers and employees learn more about technology, inventory management, shipping, online marketing, and more. Partner with one of these already established organizations and you will both do each other some good.  Look at what Amazon and eBay are already doing to get stuff to buyers.

Don’t you think it’s time Goodwill moved into the New Century?


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