911 Watch

Earlier this month two older women could have used the help of my latest invention – a 911 watch… created in thought (in the shower) after these two incidents.  There was an attempt to kidnap well-known business local owner for jewels and money.  Thank God this amazing woman – in her eighties mind you – was able to outsmart the evil doers and all ended well for her.  About a week later, a 69-year-old Milwaukie, Ore woman fell in her garage, dislocated her hip, and was stranded for over 18 hours.  She fell just feet away from her phone.  She too was saved – by joggers who heard her screaming for help.  If they were wearing a 911 watch, how would their outcome be different?

So after seeing these stories I really started to think about people living on their own or with family that is gone a lot… what if something did happen?  What if you don’t have your cell phone with you or if someone doesn’t regularly check in with you and something happened?  I’ve heard of these necklaces (Life Alert, Life Fone, Senior Safety, Rescue Alert, etc.) that you can get where, when you’re home, you can push a button and – kind of like “On Star” they will call you – maybe on a speaker or home phone… but you have to be close to home, and you need to remember to put this thing around your neck all the time. 

But what if 911 was in your watch?  You normally have your watch on unless you’re sleeping or maybe in the shower (yes this is an over generalization, but you get the idea that it’s better than having a necklace on within 100 feet of your home or having to be in your car to get On-Star, or having your phone with you everywhere).  They already have GPS in watches (Garmin Forerunner 305, Polar RS800CX, Timex Ironman Global Trainer, etc) you can get you iPhone in a watch too!  These watches are Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth compatible and have apps in them.  Who-would-have-thunk?  But that is great news!  How hard would it be to have a 911 app in your iPhone watch with GPS? 

The government is trying to get up on the new technology by allowing text messages to be sent to 911.  They need to get funding to help this all come together since 911 funding generally comes from fees added to landlines and not cell phones… so it might be a while for that.  They need to update 911 systems to accept text messages and video.  Iowa 911 call center was the first to accept text messages – if they were with T-Mobile USA.

Technology is catching up with us.  I hope we soon have a cool, lightweight, affordable, easy-to-use 911 watch.  I would prefer a waterproof one so I can wear it in the shower.  You never know when one of these AHA! moments will turn into one of the oh no moments and I’ll need some help!


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