Fund a Cause

Usually I get these cool ideas… but they’ve already been thought of, kind of like this one.   This morning I was listening to these large charities (like make-a-wish foundation) collecting money by calling in during their phone-a-thon.  I was wondering how small causes can find people to donate to them. Wouldn’t it be great to have a non-profit that has a website where people with a cause can post their need, like a youth baseball team needs new uniforms, and people with money (or businesses that provide services/products, etc) can find a cause to back.  These causes would not be non-profits, but just local do gooders looking for support.  Those seeking support would list what it is that they would like help with under certain searchable categories and those looking to back, or otherwise support the cause can bid toward the cause.  These would be small amounts from say $200 to $10,000 per cause. 

It looks that there are already lots of site that support this kind of thing, and they are very well-developed.  Check out,,… all with good ideas.


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