Lose 5 lbs on a Staycation

So I’m thinking I need to take a vacation – and I need to lose some weight.  Why can’t I combine the two?  I don’t really need to go anywhere to make this happen so I can save money on air travel (the airports are so crazy these days anyway). 

It would be nice to learn more about Portland and the things I can do here – for fun and to lose weight.  I could also use a refresher of things I should eat that are more figure friendly.  So I created this Staycation (I wanted to call it a Fat Farm Destination, but who would go?). 

For about a grand we would stay a week in some local hotel with others that want to lose weight.  Each day the director will set up visits to local gyms with our own trainer so we can learn about the gym and the options we have – and we get a 2+ hour work out.  Then we go to some local food establishment – could be something like Whole Foods or New Seasons to learn about healthy ways of cooking and eating.  Of course they would feed us.  They could show us good supplements we could buy to help us lose weight. 

In the afternoon an outing would be planned like a Walking Tour of Downtown, Food Carts, or a Bike Tour of local gems.  Maybe it’s a trip to the falls – something with good physical activity – but fun at the same time.  When we get back we would go to a healthy, local dining establishment – maybe a “Raw” dining experience or something Vegan.  Our night-cap would be something like a yoga class, meditation, massage, hot-tub… 

This would be an all-inclusive adventure so we can financially plan a healthy time.  If this adventure is a good marketing source for some of the establishments they might be willing to use some of their advertising budget to make the trip affordable.  Let’s say it’s the gym.  They would provide the 2 hour class and trainer for free (or at a much reduced rate) and then would be included in the marketing of the event.  If it’s the grocery store (or other teaching establishment for the cooking/supplement section) they would teach the class for free in hopes of selling their products.  They too would be included in the marketing of the event.  Groups generally get better rates on some events and maybe even better if they are included in the marketing efforts. 

Since there is a lot of planning, marketing, and coordinating of this kind of event, maybe it would only be scheduled 6-8 times a year.   Groups should be 12-16 people in size (how many will fit in the same hotel, bus, kitchen, classroom, restaurant and still be comfortable-and the event can still be profitable?).  Six days, five nights for $1,195 – all-inclusive, double occupancy.  I’d do it!

When someone really does create a Staycation like this, please let me know… I’m ready to go!


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