Kitchen Supplies Resale Shop

An acquaintance mentioned this idea some time ago, but I was thinking about it again.  It would be really nice to have a shop that is all about kitchen items, mainly plates, utensils, silverware, serving items, cooking wares and tools and items like small appliances like toasters, Vitamix blenders, mixers, etc.   Fads and diets change – so should your kitchen items.  Why store things for a few years waiting for the items to come back into favor when you could trade it in for something you will use.  Sometimes your kitchen has more or less space and then you move – or you get married or divorced.  Or kids go to school or move out on their own (or move back).  It would be great to have this shop be a not-for-profit like Good Will and support children’s nutrition or cooking programs for those without other resources.  Have cooking classes utilizing the various gizmos so people know what they can do with a blender or mixer.  Remember Home Ec class?  Teach kids and families to cook.

There are many commercial kitchens, carts, and caterers that are in and out of business, this would be a good place to unleash or purchase some of the smaller items.  There are places like Pitman’s that could work, but this would be on a smaller scale and for a cause.  Maybe some larger items could be on consignment.  It might also be an opportunity to teach people how to fix machines – like the toaster or mixer.  Sometimes it’s better to toss it, but sometimes it’s just an easy fix. 

So many options and opportunities!  All Things for Your Kitchen


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