Get Your Product to Market

We’re fortunate in Portland, Oregon to have a great program like Get Your Recipe to Market offered at the Climb Center by SBDC (Small Business Development Corporation).

What I’m hoping to find is how to Get My PRODUCT to Market.  These guys offer a technology version at Lean Building Blocks.  Online of course.  Affordable.  But what about right here in Portland?  We have so many resources!  Why not a 12-16 week program that’s hands on helping you get your smart idea to the market place.  Amazon has a book about getting your product to market… Entrepreneur Magazine: Bring Your Product to Market. A newer version is Bringing Your Product to Market: Fast-Track Approaches to Cashing in on Your Great Idea.  But maybe you’d just like to be Inspired

There are lots of opportunities to help small businesses succeed.  When you bring a new product to market, there are LOTS of people – and businesses involved.  You’ve got your marketing people (graphics, website, hosting companies, branding, media avenues,  printers), distribution, manufacturing, bankers, other businesses… so many people are networked together when a product comes together.  We have so many great people and businesses right here in Portland… why don’t we have a program that connects them and educates aspiring entrepreneurs?  

Companies that offer services could teach the appropriate portion of the program… who better?  Mix that up with some good solid education and mentors that have made their way to success – I’d attend.  Until then, you might try PSU’s BOP (Business Opportunity Program).

Got your idea… ready to go?  Need Money?  Have you seen ABC’s Shark Tank?   That’s one way to get money, another is through something like  Resources in Portland include Mercy Corp and OMEN (Oregon Microenterprise Network), for those individuals with limited income.

UPDATE 5/18/12: Have you seen Invention Hunters? If you have an idea check it out and maybe you can get on their show.


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