Flavor Packets – Spices

So I’m looking at ways to eat healthier food.  What’s missing for me is FLAVOR.  I’m thinking of whole grains and mixing it up, brown rice, veggies… but what are the best spices to go with my food?  Okay, I know this is bad, but I like Sapporo’s Ichiban japanese style noodles – especially when I can throw in the kitchen sink of veggies and left-overs.  Unfortunately the first two ingredients in the “Soup Base” are Salt and MSG, followed by sugar.  UGG! So what are the options?  I was thinking of taking the flavor packet and putting in my brown rice, but OMG how much crap can they put in these little packets (that’s probably the good tasting stuff).  So I was looking online for options.  Swanson’s has “Flavor Packets” with 8 ounces of ? They don’t show ingredients online.  Eat the Roses had a good idea about a homemade version of Taco Spice Mix.  eHow had some suggestions for alternatives to the Ramen Noodle packs, but really? 

But, I’m thinking… I like bullion / broth and it adds flavor to rice, grains, stir fry’s, and you can just heat it up and have it all by itself.  Why can’t there be healthy bullion?  What can I have that can be all by itself in hot water… or add amazing flavor (and healthy aspects) to my rice, stir fry’s or other meal concoctions?

Maybe something with a nutritional yeast base and spices?  Maybe instead of corn starch, maybe arrow-root…  I like the little metal type packaging they use for the Ramen Noodles… but how much is the right amount?  Something that works for a cup of soup (maybe a bowl of soup) but can be enough for rice or a stir fry.

Dry seems right, but is liquid the way to go?  Does that mean I would have fresher ingredients?  Gourmet Garden does a nice job with a wet version and they have mixes and straight up spices that are easy to use.

Maybe I need to get back to class – Get Your Recipe to Market and make something?


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