Easy, Affordable CURE for Cancer?

Is the CURE for cancer as easy as changing your diet?  It really could be.  I’ve heard that changing your attitude (like laughing and being happy) can cure cancer.  I’ve heard getting rid of all the chemicals you use around you (deodorant, cleaning supplies, shampoo, make-up, lotion) and using natural and organic can make a huge difference. 

One example I recently read about was Horst Schulze who managed the Ritz Carlton and now owns Capella hotels/resorts.  In Success Magazine (Against the Odds) he talked about how he was given one year to live after having surgery to remove the cancer.  He didn’t like that idea.  So what did he do?

He sought out alternative ideas – which included changing his diet completely – essentially eating brown rice and veggies.  Ouch – but 17 years later – despite what doctors thought – he is still alive and able to be with his family.  At 63 he started a new business venture when he was the healthiest ever. 

Where I used to work about 12 years ago, a colleague’s father was diagnosed with cancer.  They gave him 9 months to a year to live.  He too didn’t like the short-term death sentence and decided to make a radical change in his life.  The family removed all kinds of chemicals from their household – including deodorant and cleaning products.  They began eating organic, unprocessed foods, veggies and whole grains.   He far surpassed expectations and his white blood counts in just a few months were better than normal!  No sign of cancer.  Super healthy guy.

Is it really that simple?

If you google “eating to cure cancer” you’ll find lots of information like Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover’s review that states that our diet is what’s killing us.   Here are foods that can prevent cancer.  Are carrots the key? I don’t have the answers, but maybe this opens up more dialog about it.

UPDATE 5/19/12: Just one more person talking about how eating well can change your life for the better.  Green Smoothie Girl talks about her Uncle and Grandmother briefly (again with the carrots).  She includes a link to the Cancer Tutor with lots of alternative information.


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