Healthy Fast Food… Where? How healthy?

HELP ME!!!  Where can I find really healthy and FAST food? So I found a couple of places, but PORTLAND where else can I go?  Have you tried Freshii’s?  What about Cafe Yumm? These seem to be going in the right direction.  I plan on heading out to Freshii’s this weekend and check it out.  It’s just too far from home or work to make it a regular dining event.  Cafe Yumm is good, it could be better (health wise) but it’s better than Mc Donalds, Wendy’s or KFC.   For what you get the prices aren’t too bad. I like hearty meals, especially for lunch.  I’m not a big sandwich fan and I don’t consider Subway healthy.   But help me out Portland… Where do you go for healthy – FAST (affordable) food?  I can get healthy and I can find fast, but generally I can’t find them both in the same place – especially on a budget.


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