Lost you keys? Where are your glasses? Darn remote!

Okay are you as tired as I am of losing things? Wouldn’t be sooo cool if we had little dots we could glue on our keys, remotes, glasses and other things we are constantly misplacing…  and once you have the little dot glued to your belongings you enter into your app (of your smart phone) and identify each dot as to what it is.  For example dot #1 is identified as your keys, dot #2 are your glasses, etc.  Once you identify each item in your app you can ask Siri… or whatever app where your keys are.  With RFID or GPS type technology this should be a simple invention… right?  I want one!

5/19/12 Update:  Okay, now I can’t stop thinking about this.  As I was researching RFID and GPS and other tracking type technology and tags I was reading how they had such tiny technology they could put it on an ant and track where the ants were going.  It made me think about our pets – our dogs and cats that like to wander off.  It would be really cool to SEE where they are going and where they are.  Dot #3 Rover.  Siri where is Rover?  Siri replies… Rover is at Jonny’s (the neighbor kids house that Rover likes to run off to because they feed him table scraps and think he’s the cutest thing).  Wouldn’t you like to see where your cat wanders off at night?   I guess there are some distance issues with RFID, but hey technology is only getting better and more affordable.

Then I was thinking about an assistant in my office.  She is ALWAYS losing her pens.  I could probably buy a box a week just for her.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app for that?  Siri, where is my pen?

And then I was thinking that pens in our office disappear when we have classes or other events.  It would be interesting to do a social experiment on where all these pens end up?  Not like who specifically has them, but more like how far they travel (the smaller the dot the less range, I’m guessing).

Anyway… so many exciting applications!  If you didn’t read my 911 Watch post and you like where this is going, check it out.


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