Food, Inc. Portland viewing and discussion 5/20/12 @ 3pm

Hey Portland, I know this has been out for a while, but Food, Inc. will be shown in the Kenton neighborhood on Sunday and will be followed by a discussion on how to improve our food sources in our community.

For the details, click here.

UPDATE 5/20/12:  Wow!  While I’ve seen Food, Inc before, I did close my eyes through most of it and maybe didn’t quite get through all of it.  It was great to see a community come together to see what it is we can do.  If you’re not familiar with the show, you can get it on DVD.  Also, you can read in Time Magazine about “Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food” and read NW Dragonfly’s environmental health.

Arbor Lodge Kenton Food Inc

Food, Inc Documentary in Portland



Out of our group meeting I came to the conclusion that we need wider ranging solutions.  While it’s great that one of us stops eating at McDonalds, and another grows a veggie garden in our yard, and another gets some chickens for eggs, and we have community gardens… but it’s going to take something bigger to influence industrial food processing.  Even if we got 20,000 people to plant veggies and raise chickens for eggs is it going to take much more to have a real impact. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that we each do what it is we can to help create the change we want, we need to think and dream bigger and bolder.  Dan Sullivan wrote an article for Success Magazine about why go 2x when you can go 10x. We need to think and expect much more. 

You know you’re doing something right when McDonalds makes a change.  They now have apples as a side dish.  They stopped using animal fat for their fries, they have oatmeal for breakfast.  They have more salad options.  But how do we get them to step up their game?  How do we help people recognize that our current industrial practices are not sustainable?  Do you remember watching Wall-E? What lessons did we take away from that?  How do we go bolder and bigger?  Take Part is for Food Inc Fans.  Check it out and see what you can do. They have a list of 9 things you can do now.


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