Musical Instrument Library

Libraries are looking for something to offer now that more and more books are being read digitally.  Why not musical instruments and music sheets?  You just need a few instruments to get this started.

I think there used to be more instruments in basements, attics, and in closets collecting dust when music was a bigger part of school and education and kids moved on, but I bet there are still enough collecting dust that could be donated to fill a library room of music.  Isn’t it time we give them new life?

Can’t you see a room filled with musical instruments that you can take home along with some music sheets and try it out.  There are lessons on YouTube.  There are tutors.  There are even books on the matter.  Maybe you like it and want to take it further.  Maybe you can buy your checked out instrument.  Maybe you thought you liked a Cello, but really what you would like is a Double Bass.  You try it out.  You love it and want more.

Now you check out more music sheets.  You hire a tutor.  You expand your mind and joy.  You post that you love playing and want to find others that are playing too.  Libraries can have classes (maybe away from where people are trying to read), and events around music.

We could have more musical instrument libraries around the country.  People could donate their slightly used instruments for the good of the order.  Parent could bring their kids and pick up an instrument for their kid and one for them too.  A whole community could come of it.

A library in Lafayette, LA does it.  Northampton MA has onePhiladelphia has one. Brooklyn has one.  There’s a non-profit or two doing it. Here’s an article from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra encouraging it.

close up of ukulele

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In all my searches, didn’t find one in Oregon.  How can we bring more to our local communities – or if they are here, how do we share this information?  Who is the fireball that makes the next one come around?  How do we bring more music and joy to our neighborhood?


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