Have you ever been taking a nice hot shower early in the morning and some really good or really crazy idea pops into your head?  Maybe I’m just looking to gaining new prospective about something by writing about it.

This blog is dedicated to new ideas and thoughts that comes out of time in the shower… pre-caffeine, mind you.  It could be just an AHA! moment, sometimes it’s rage over something I hear on the radio, maybe it’s a refection of some news story or even a commercial, or maybe it’s just a different way to think about something.

Some of my favorite topics include eating healthy as a nation (and personally), educating and supporting our youth – especially those with extra challenges (like foster kids, low income families), small business start-ups, and ways to materially improve our lives and businesses.

Me? Generally I’m very private, but I’m noticing I like to read blogs when I get to know a little about the person who’s writing it – even if it’s just the basics, so here goes.  I’m currently living in Portland, Oregon and I work in real estate development doing accounting.  I’m a workaholic, female, single, out of shape (and want to fix that), and I still have great optimism and hope for our future.  I’ve had a few very small businesses and while I am successful in what I’m doing, I’m looking for a place where can I provide more significance and make a difference.  A couple of my favorite reads are magazines like Success and Harvard Business Review, but lately, I’ve been listening to radio and podcasts.  I love OPB and NPR.  I’m inspired by Ted Radio Hour, Freakonomics, State of Wonder, Innovation Hub, How I Built This, Planet Money, Hidden Brain,  BBC, and so much more.

I hope this blog will give you something to think about in your shower, or where ever it is you like to reflect and daydream.  Feel free to chime in.


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