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January 27, 2019

How to Make the World a Better Place – Media

Just yesterday I was thinking seriously on how I could possibly make a difference.  I hear these news broadcasts (I listen to OPB/NPR/BBC quite a bit, but also CNN/FOX/MSNBC and local news on the radio and TV) and I have started to get this helpless feeling.  There is so much out there that needs to be fixed and I am only one person.  What is it that I could possibly do to have any impact on what is ailing our planet or our neighbors today?

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January 5, 2019

Musical Instrument Library

Libraries are looking for something to offer now that more and more books are being read digitally.  Why not musical instruments and music sheets?  You just need a few instruments to get this started.

I think there used to be more instruments in basements, attics, and in closets collecting dust when music was a bigger part of school and education and kids moved on, but I bet there are still enough collecting dust that could be donated to fill a library room of music.  Isn’t it time we give them new life?

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April 1, 2012

Kitchen Supplies Resale Shop

An acquaintance mentioned this idea some time ago, but I was thinking about it again.  It would be really nice to have a shop that is all about kitchen items, mainly plates, utensils, silverware, serving items, cooking wares and tools and items like small appliances like toasters, Vitamix blenders, mixers, etc.   Fads and diets change – so should your kitchen items.  Why store things for a few years waiting for the items to come back into favor when you could trade it in for something you will use. 

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March 14, 2012

Fund a Cause

Usually I get these cool ideas… but they’ve already been thought of, kind of like this one.   This morning I was listening to these large charities (like make-a-wish foundation) collecting money by calling in during their phone-a-thon.  I was wondering how small causes can find people to donate to them. 

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January 12, 2010

Goodwill should upgrade

While the Goodwill stores offer a great service to both those parting with their items and those looking for good deals on previously owed items, I feel you can be doing so much more with their stores. They can offer more career opportunities while bringing the stores into the New Century. With the advent of the Internet and such services like eBay, Yahoo Shopping, Craigslist, and Google Shopping they are missing out on some great opportunities to not only sell more stuff, but also train volunteers, those needing employment, or employees skills needed for the times.

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January 2, 2010

Creating the Shower Diary

Some time in 2009 I thought it might be a good idea to write down some of my ideas – albeit sometimes crazy ideas – and random thoughts – normally sparked by a hot shower, early in the morning – in a journal. 

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