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December 9, 2012

Worthwhile Work

I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt…

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

Are you in a job where the work is worth doing?

June 17, 2012

Stop Wasting Lotion and other Bottle Liquids

This is the shower diary, so of course I was fighting getting out the last drops liquids from bottles yesterday.  It was driving me nuts.  Based on the weight, I could tell there was a lot more in the bottle than would come out.  I’ve had this fight many times before, but yesterday it just seemed that all of my potions and lotions were running out – all at the same time.  I drew pictures of contraptions that could fix the problem.  Most lotion tops are the same size (but not all – those $40 bottles are smaller than the $5 bottles of course).

Lotion Saver Lotion Saver 2

So now that I’ve created this new idea, I figured I’d see who else has already come up with a solution… as that is usually the case with my “next big idea”.  So I find this Lotion Dispenser.

So I like my idea better because you don’t have to keep the contraption on the container all the time (you only need to buy one), and while you may use multiple containers for your liquids, they will be much smaller and if you keep to a 3 ounce container you can travel with them.  With the funnel cone, you can use any size container that you’re emptying and you can select what to fill.

You can use mine in the kitchen too.  Get the last of your sauce or other food liquids.  They can be a bit chunky or not (change the funnel).

Found this too from the Container Store.  Still like my idea better as you may want to go from a large container to a smaller one and the couplers don’t necessarily match up.  Also the lighter bottle is on the bottom and you’ll have a balancing act to deal with.

June 10, 2012

More than Big Brother is Keeping an Eye on You

Does it bug you that everything you do is being tracked by Facebook, Twitter, Google, your email provider, search engines… and cookies (usually something yummy, but not in this case) are tracking your every move?  There is a whole database out there – an online profile – of your “likes” and dislikes, and preferences.  They follow your every move usually so they can better market to you but your information is for sale and anyone can buy it.  Watch this video on TED. You can add Collusion to your Mozilla / Firefox Browser and watch who is watching you.   They are tracking your 6-year-old if she is on the Internet.  There is no more anonymous.

OMG.  Now they want to put a camera in a box above your TV that can see you.  They can tell who you are and send ads that are just for you.  Really!?!

UPDATE 6/12/12:  Do you read Success Magazine?  If so you likely read the article “Mining Big Data“.  I guess this is a “big opportunity” for companies, but for me it’s just more of my privacy out the window.  Are you excited about your new car with OnStar?  Do you know you’re being tracked? It currently has three petabytes of data A YEAR coming through their data pipeline.  On petabyte equals 1 quadrillion bytes!  Maybe Living Off the Grid will take new meaning you the next time you hop on the Internet or drive with your OnStar or your GPS enabled phone.