March 17, 2012

Lose 5 lbs on a Staycation

So I’m thinking I need to take a vacation – and I need to lose some weight.  Why can’t I combine the two?  I don’t really need to go anywhere to make this happen so I can save money on air travel (the airports are so crazy these days anyway). 

It would be nice to learn more about Portland and the things I can do here – for fun and to lose weight.  I could also use a refresher of things I should eat that are more figure friendly.  So I created this Staycation (I wanted to call it a Fat Farm Destination, but who would go?).  Continue reading

March 14, 2012

Why are washcloths so big?

Really.  I’m trying to just wash my face and this thing is huge.  When it’s wet and you’re over the sink it just gets all over the place.  Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.  Is there a washcloth class?  I think it should be about 1/4 the size so it fits easily in your hand.  Not too stiff, not too flimsy.  If you want to dry your face with a full-sized wash cloth, well fine.  The smaller wash size will take less soap and less space in the washer – eco-friendly!

March 14, 2012

Fund a Cause

Usually I get these cool ideas… but they’ve already been thought of, kind of like this one.   This morning I was listening to these large charities (like make-a-wish foundation) collecting money by calling in during their phone-a-thon.  I was wondering how small causes can find people to donate to them.  Continue reading

March 6, 2012

Buy a new car? Gas prices to hit $4?

So do I buy a new car or live with the bad gas mileage.  If I get a car with 35 miles to the gallon instead of 13, prices go to $4/gallon, and I drive closer to 12,000 miles a year I can almost buy a car for $200/mo and be better off. While I have low mileage and it’s only about 7 years old… it is out of warranty and little things are starting to happen.  Is it time? Continue reading

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November 29, 2010

911 Watch

Earlier this month two older women could have used the help of my latest invention – a 911 watch… created in thought (in the shower) after these two incidents.  There was an attempt to kidnap well-known business local owner for jewels and money.  Thank God this amazing woman – in her eighties mind you – was able to outsmart the evil doers and all ended well for her.  About a week later, a 69-year-old Milwaukie, Ore woman fell in her garage, dislocated her hip, and was stranded for over 18 hours.  She fell just feet away from her phone.  She too was saved – by joggers who heard her screaming for help.  If they were wearing a 911 watch, how would their outcome be different? Continue reading

January 12, 2010

Goodwill should upgrade

While the Goodwill stores offer a great service to both those parting with their items and those looking for good deals on previously owed items, I feel you can be doing so much more with their stores. They can offer more career opportunities while bringing the stores into the New Century. With the advent of the Internet and such services like eBay, Yahoo Shopping, Craigslist, and Google Shopping they are missing out on some great opportunities to not only sell more stuff, but also train volunteers, those needing employment, or employees skills needed for the times. Continue reading

January 4, 2010

Where have all the Heros Gone?

Who is your hero? Who do you admire? Who do you wish you could be most like? Continue reading

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January 2, 2010

Creating the Shower Diary

Some time in 2009 I thought it might be a good idea to write down some of my ideas – albeit sometimes crazy ideas – and random thoughts – normally sparked by a hot shower, early in the morning – in a journal.  Continue reading