Time to Rise to the Occasion

11/8 is over. People are in shock. Some are in happy shock (like the underdog just won a big game despite all odds) and some are in terror shock (like a 1,000 passenger train just wrecked).  Some were voting for change (massive disruption) and some were voting for comfort (well we knew what happened with President Clinton so how different could things be – as a good thing), many were voting for the “lesser of two evils”, some changing party affiliation.  Some, like me, were still torn on election day and just couldn’t pick someone on the ballot to represent the America we aspire to be a part of over the next four years.  For me – I’m just glad it’s over.  And now I’m kind of holding my breath to see what happens next.  At least we know who the players are for the next 2-4 years.  Let the posturing and battles begin (where I was hoping for a different kind of disruption).

It is now time for true leadership to emerge.

It is time for unity.  It is time for SOMEONE to STEP UP.  We need to stop licking our wounds or celebrating our victories at the poles and help unite – bring together – our divided nation.  We don’t win or lose every game – but we need to be good sports – on both sides (why are there sides – we are ONE America -but to my point that we are DIVIDED).  And I shouldn’t say SOMEONE because we need LEADERSHIP.  Lots of leadership on so many levels – some letting us know that despite the loss that we’re going to be okay and despite the win that we have a lot of work ahead of us.

For some we have a wait and see attitude because who knows what is going to happen.  For some they are scared to death because they don’t know if they’re going to lose their medical benefits or get deported or lose their government job or lose their right to choice or sad because of lack of diplomacy, polish, and empathy (or understanding) for what others are going through. For some they are so excited because this is so disruptive and there will be change as this is like no one truly expected and it provides some kind of opportunity and the thrill of the unknown – the freshness of naivety.

So Step Up Leaders.  This is the time where America needs you most.  First people are rioting because they’re in pain and they need to be spoken to – who has done this???  Step up and give them a verbal hug.  For some we need HEROS to yank people from the train wreck and give them first aid – or emergency care – they are in serious pain.  For some we need grandma to give us milk and cookies and tell us about a time when… and then how it all worked out.  And what do you do with the energy of the victorious ones?  How do you harness that for the greater good?  Speak up leadership.  Now is the time YOU shine.

Then we need to build (and maybe not a wall but a bridge perhaps?).  We (or at least our systems) are broken.  I’m looking for a “I Have a Dream” speech 2.0UNITE US.  Where has all the leadership gone?   Who is your hero?   Who will make a difference over the next 4 years.  Who will emerge as a power we WANT in the White House?  Who will strive for WIN-WIN vs. WIN-LOSE?  Who will not be the lesser of two evils (on both “sides”)? Who will we be proud of and excited for our children to have roll models and to continue to be the envy of all other great countries?  [I’m not saying that either of the candidates had their moments and made great accomplishments in their lifetime – but I know we can do better when their approval ratings have been so low (or so the poles [or maybe the interpretation of the poles] say… which also got it wrong).]

STEP UP.  This is an opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives – right now – in the face of much uncertainty.  Despite our victory or defeat – Red or Blue (or Green or) – we need to get ready for the next game by putting in our time at the gym.  We have a lot of work ahead of us to UNITE, do good things, and STEP UP for the good of OUR Nation and all of the individuals that make up this GREAT NATION.

I’m waiting to be inspired by GREAT LEADERSHIP… come out, come out, wherever you are!